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New Mgt Role

DISC Profiling

Team Communication

Recode yourself (NLP)

New Career Path


work/Life Balance

Life Purpose

With Corporate and SME clients we are dedicated to helping managers and their team go through change with a better understanding of each other. We train the managers of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.


With private clients we are dedicated to helping individual to find a career path that fits their personality style, talents and natural abilities.  We strive to make our clients reach a state of long lasting harmony within their enviroment and personal circumstances.


Our services are not limited to career coaching. They also include supporting people in situation of excessive pressure, stress or burnout, people in search of work/life balance, people who want to knock down their own personal limitations, etc... Using a series of coaching tools and exercises, along with Coachee-Coach conversations, we will help you create a healthier and happier life. Our methods include revisiting your values, beliefs, goals, assessing your natural talents, to allow you to plan a new and more fulfilling future, in which balance and harmony will reign. Our coaching techniques include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Mindfulness exercises to help you reduce the feeling of fear associated with CHANGE.


​All of our clients share one common thread: they are eager to learn about themselves and unlock their own potential within their work or personal environment.

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