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Estelle des Georges

Founder, Force for Change


Personal and Team Development Consultant





15 years of staff management experience -Developing teams  & individuals


in a variety of sectors, ranging from IT & Financial Information sectors to Leisure sector

Estelle is a Personal Performance Coach, who developed her career in the United States, United Kingdom and Spain. Her career path is evidence of her ability to take on a wide range of challenges and proves her unique ability to achieve pre-set goals, virtue that is essential in Personal Performance Coaching.


"I started my career as a business analyst for Moody’s Investor Service, before moving my way up the corporate ladder, going through roles in market research and project management in New York, and later, global management roles in the areas of corporate web policies and online communications for Reuters in London.


In 2012, I resigned from a Managing Director´s position at a medium sized company in Spain to become a small business entrepreneur… I turned a new page, ending my employment life. I had discovered that I wanted to become a Personal Performance Coach to help people by doing what I do best: help individuals dig within themselves to find that "thing" that will inspire a fundamental life change, light the spark that will give them wings to break through any limiting barriers they have unconsciously set for themselves.


My experience working at all levels of the organisation in the corporate world, as well as my experience in starting up three different businesses in the course of my life, have equipped me with the sufficient awareness for the challenges that my clients may encounter when going through a career transition, whether it is about a change of employment or to decide to work for themselves.


A series of life events such as moving abroad, changing careers, experiencing a burnout, reprogramming myself from old beliefs, or searching for a life purpose are topics that I share openly when mentoring my clients and which are true assets when it comes to coaching for performance or empathizing with my clients.


Everyday, I strive to prove to my clients that anything is possible in life as long as they know what they really really want (not always obvious... the right coaching will take care of this). And most of all, I enjoy celebrating with them the full realisation of their goal. My professional, as well as my personal goal, is to help individuals break barriers and achieve a full and meaningful life.


I can help you achieve Personal Performance too –send me an email estelle@forceforchange.NET for a free introductory session.

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