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In all of our Coaching Sessions our methods include revisiting your values, beliefs, goals, assessing your natural talent, to allow you to set a new and more fulfilling future, in which will reign balance, harmony and happiness.




During your coaching program we will be using a series of coaching tools (i.e. Wheel of Life, DiSC Profiling, etc...), coaching exercises (i.e. Mindfulness, writing your life journal, etc...) and techniques (i.e. NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Programing), along with Coachee-Coach conversations, to help you create a healthier and happier life. 


You will convert your dream into a goal. Alongside with your coach you will define what you want to achieve and will agree on a number of sessions for the accomplishment of your goal (anywhere from 4 to 8 sessions depending on what you are trying to achieve). You may not know exactly what you want, but you do know what you don't want... That's a start!


You will learn to believe in your ability to reach that goal. You will understand why you have been sabotaging yourself and why you have been postponing from acting on "the one thing" you know would make you happy. 


You will identify the necessary steps to reach that goal. In the world of Coaching anything is possible, so think big! You are allowed to become whomever you want. You have all the resources you need, you have the ability, the contacts, and the love and support you need... You name it. We'll make it happen. You will learn to open your mind in order to open your way.



send us an email describing

your personal challenge at info@forceforchange.NET



We answer every request

And finally you will achieve it! And this is when you realize that you are LIVING AN AMAZING LIFE... at last!!! 


Our one-to-one sessions are set for 1 hour and are held over Skype. A special discount is offered for bundled packages of several sessions. Send us an email: for more information. If you don't have a Skype account "Click Here" to find out how to register and use Skype (free telecommunication from your computer).


"Because YOU ARE a unique human being, create a goal that is UNIQUE to you."

- Our Founder

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