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With DISC:


"Understand yourself better,

the person who you are communicating with,

and how they like to be communicated to"




I would like to receive an individual full DISC Analysis with charts and a 17-page report for FREE along with a training estimate.

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Every attendee will receive a personal DISC analysis, with their own profile and graph, as well as a graphical plotting of the whole team.


Each attendee will soon understand why conflicts are arising; misunderstandings and roadblocks will not longer be of a personal nature. 


No two workshops are the same: we break the room into groups and organise role play. It's our attendees' contribution which makes each workshop different from the other.


Our licensed trainers are qualified coaches who engage their audience and provide memorable visuals and meaningful examples to illustrate the challenges encountered when dealing with different behavioural styles.

Our training material is targeted at:

  • Management development

  • Conflict management

  • Teambuilding

  • Communications, not just communication, but communicating with an aim to obtain results

  • Job coaching

  • HR training and development specialist


Groups are formed of 20-25 attendees. 


Available at your site with exclusive attendance of your own employees.


Also, available off-site. Send individual employees to our off-site training for additional development, identified at employee's performance appraisal review.



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