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Our clients turn to us for Career Coaching. They are individuals who are looking for a significant career change in their lives. They are either people who have been forced into a change through redundancy or through a life event, or people that are in a job which does not agree with who they truly are, thus making them unhappy and dissatisfied in their lives. 




IF, you have lost your job and/or looking for a new one


  • You are wondering whether you should re-train for a new job, and would like to explore your options

  • You want to specialize in a specific sector or area, but not sure which one

  • You have been employed up until now, and you are considering creating your own small business

  • You are a mother who has been disconnected from the job market, and want to get back to work


IF, you are ill-fitted in your career


  • You went into the wrong field of study at an earlier age, which marked your career path too early in your life

  • You accepted your first job offer with a lot of pride without realising that this first experience, and subsequent promotions, would "brand" you for life

  • You have had a successful career path but somehow feel ill-fitted with it

  • You can't picture yourself in your current job 10 years from now

  • You feel detached and bored with your life, you feel you are wasting your time in your current job

  • You want a job that fits your personality and natural talents, and brings joy in your day-to-day life

  • You are tired of changing jobs without ever identifying yourself with any specific career path

  • Your can’t seem to meet a balance between your work life and personal life


Our Career Coaches specialize in helping you find your Career path, think of us as your Pathfinders. 





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