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Bored with you current Life? You need to find your passion in Life?


You have spent your life building projects, whether personal or professional. You have always had the will-power to follow through with your objectives and targets in life. Looking back you are proud of what you have achieved. Your peers consider you as a successful person but somehow you feel that you have failed to be successful at the most important thing in your life: Happiness.


Or maybe you feel quite the opposite and consider that you feel that you have not achieved anything to be remembered by? You have drifted along on your life journey, you never planned anything and you stayed clear of any "change" in your life.


Whoever you are, do you recognise yourself in any of those statement?


  • You long to have a hobby you are passionate about, but you don't. 

  • You look at all aspects of your life (love, work, money, etc...) and realise that there is a significant imbalance between some of them

  • You lack harmony in your life

  • You don't see yourself growing old in your current life, twenty, thirty years from now

  • You feel the need to have a purpose in life, a calling, a hobby, a passion

  • You are at a crossroad and need to re-think your life

  • You feel you have lived someone else's life and now need to re-invent yourself

  • You want to live your life

  • You want to be happy and feel energised



Our lives are made of friendships, loving partners, parenting, family, fun/social, health, finances, career, spiritual, work/life balance, environment, personal growth, contribution/giving back. As we go through life we may set a higher priority to one aspect of life than another. With time this imbalance jeopardises our state of harmony. These same priorities tend to change over time, as we grow older, thereby creating some additional distress. Finally, we have the feeling that we have reached a crossroad and we need guidance. This is the essence of Life Coaching: helping people define and achieve personal goals in search of happiness. The first thing you will learn is to make friends with "change".


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