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(Neurolinguistic Programming)


In one sentence, PNL allows you to recode your internal wiring acquired through your personal experience of your environment, situations, relationships, to reach expected results.





Makes reference to the neurological system. NLP is based on the theory that our experience of life is directly related to our sensorial perception and representation, before it is transformed into a thought process (conscious and unconscious). The neurological system, then, activates the thought process, which in turn affects our psychological process, emotions and behaviours.


In the world of PNL, the word “linguistic” refers to the study of how our words affect our experiences. As human beings we use the language to understand the world around us, to interpret and conceptualise the lived experience.


Is about the way we code and how we mentally represent a lived experience. It corresponds to a way of thinking that is unique to you, internal processes and strategies (thinking models) that you use to make decision and solve problems. This is how a specific situation triggers a specific reaction. And each individual will have it own way of reacting to a given situatioN.

How can NLP help you?


Your coach will work with you on the following aspects:


  • How to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite any situation you find yourself in

  • How to use the power of your mind to easily and effortlessly overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things

  • How to change your beliefs on personal limitations and embrace desired empowering beliefs at an emotional level, rather than an intellectual level. Your coach will do it in a variety of ways ranging from conversational change to visualisation exercises

  • The power of language. Uncover the hidden meanings of your affirmations, and awakening you out of your own hypnotic trances of limiting language

  • Overcome internal conflicts - within yourself or with others 

  • Helping moving your focus from the past to the present and the future. Enabling you to truly put the past behind.

  • Enabling you to improve your time and self-management

  • Learn out to produce plans to make your dream come true

  • And lastly, with the use of PNL your coach will be able to identify what motivates you and what doesn't.


Should you book an NLP-specific Session?


There is no need to. Our coaches are trained NLP Professionals who can identify when to interrupt the flow of the coaching session to insert an NLP exercise to help you unblock a situation. Your coach will become aware of your own “programming” by simply listening to you. So relax, and follow the flow of your conversation with your coach.




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