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Change = (potential) - (interferences)

We use a different approach to conventional coaching. We extract clients from their home and work environment, remove access to wifi and any form of telecommunications, and re-create a new environment free from commitments, pressure, stress, judgement (their own, as well as their family’s and peers’), and in which they feel the confidence to share out loud their dreams, desires, needs and start laying the roadmap for the future. Our coaching techniques include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Mindfulness teachings to help you reduce the feeling of fear associated with CHANGE.









Coaching Holiday Breaks in Spain

The objective of this trip is for clients to identify the area(s) of their life in which they want to generate a new aspiration. Clients will formalise a hypothetical dream and turn it into a measurable life target.  Using group discussions we will share challenges and learn to see them under a new light, free from limiting beliefs.  Guests will start developing an awareness about how they can bring better harmony into their lives, one that fits with who they truly are. By the end of this Coaching trip they will each have a plan of action for the way forward.

      We organize resident group-coaching workshops around the theme of personal development within Career Change. We detach our clients from their everyday environment, to help foster creative thinking and increase self-awareness. We combine learning with pleasure to create a memorable experience, which will trigger the desired change in their lives.

Breaks run from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Clients are hosted at a beautiful villa with panoramic sea view (15 minutes away from Malaga International Airport). See the video "Coaching Holiday Break in the South of Spain" for more information.

A Meaningful Network of Friends

All workshops are held in a holiday-feel atmosphere in a quiet area in the hills of the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain. Because our breaks are highly targeted and segmented, we bring together groups of people who are like-minded and can empathize with the challenges of one another. The relaxed mood fosters the sharing of personal experiences, which in turn naturally represses potential judgments. Bonding is fundamental to this experience.

A Personal Development Within a Holiday Concept:

Throughout the three days we will bring together relaxing activities (i.e. daily morning yoga, hiking, cooking together, wine tasting, paella and tapas experiences) with exciting workshop locations (at the beach, around a fire place, at the top of the mountain with panoramic sea view, etc...). By doing so, we aim at raising your level of creative participation formented by your sensory awareness. The whole experience should result in increasing your self-understanding.  

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