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We help your managers and teams to understand people who aren’t like them…. as well as those who are too much like them.  Through the use of DISC:


  • We act as a springboard for conversation and team building to strengthen the collaboration of the team with their managers.

  • We aim at improving employee and workplace communication so that your organisation will experience effective 360º effective communication.

  • We provide the means to reduce conflict and avoid misunderstandings within your organisation.

  • We equip the  "first time manager" and the "unprepared accidental manager" with the necessary "people" skills to develop into a performance manager and a future leader. 

  • We help service and line managers to pre-empt a conflict before it arises.

  • We assist HR Training departments in their campaigns to develop people skills and emotional intelligence. We are particularly present with the development of young recruits in Management Trainee Programs.

  • We coach junior managers on performing effective performance appraisals that lead towards results and performance. We prepare their level of confidence and help them develop their own style for conducting staff evaluations.​ We assess their team to help them better understand each individual as well as the dynamic of it prior to staff reviews.



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Our services are tailored to your requirements, we offer:


  • Standard workshop on DISC (full Day) at an external venue. Mixed attendance with participants from other organisations.

  • Tailored workshop on DISC (Full Day) at your offices. Exclusively for your employee grouped by areas, teams or departments.

  • One-to-one training and coaching for manager, who require development specifically on people management skills.

  • Post-training coaching session to employees who might require further coaching, after attending group training, for personal and/or professional development.

We facilitate career and professional life changes in the context of:


Organisational change (restructuring, centralisation, de-centralisation)

Individual career change (personal development, promotion, lateral move)

Culture change (Merger, joint venture, relocation)

Management change (change in team dynamics, conflict management)

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