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Dreaming to move abroad?


You have probably thought of many reasons for not doing it and just "proudly" labelled it as "living the dream". Ask yourself why ? Language - money - friendships - sentimental partner - family - parenting - job - fear of the unknown - too many responsibilities/obligations, health, etc...? What's stopping you?


Yet... In your dreams you are having an after work drink at a bar in a place of sunshine where you watch the sun set after 18.30 (in January!). You are going to the beach on a Friday afternoon in March. The affordable cost of living and the warm temperature allows you to be outdoors, meeting friends, on a daily basis for a tapa and a cerveza. You make friends easily because almost everyone around you speaks your language. You drive to work every morning with the window rolled down with the reflection of the sun from the sea shining on your left cheek. Commuting in jam packed public transports is definitely a thing of the past. People around you are relaxed and wear colourful clothes. Local products are fresh, tasty and full of local flavours. You can take a flight to spend a week-end of fun in the city, or visit your family, for under 80 pounds return. Etc.... What's stopping you?


Through coaching you will overcome your fear of the unknown and will turn your dream into a reality with an established target date. You will experience the reality of this project and overcome your unconscious personal limitations. You will become unstoppable!


Some examples of the discoveries you will make:

  • Identify the geographic area where you would like to move

  • Determine whether you want to look for work or set up a small business locally, or set another plan

  • Define the time frame you require to successfully achieve that move, based on your current situation

  • Identify what sort of help, support, networking you will need

  • Establish the size of your budget for the move

  • Consider paving the way for a possible move back

  • Evaluate how the move will impact other aspects of your life and how you can be comfortable with that decision

  • Explore the aspects of your life you enjoy now and would like to continue in your new home

  • Understand your limitations and establish whether they are real or if they can be overcome and how

  • Plan the steps along the way to prepare the move and to enable you to settle in smoothly

  • and more...


We will meet over skype on a regular basis to review your progress and help you keep moving forward. You will be under the care of a life coach who has gone through the same obstacles as yours. Although your coach will not influence your judgement and decisions, at times, whenever necessary, he/she will turn into a mentor to share their personal experiences. 


Moving to a new country can be expensive if you do not plan it correctly. Share your plan with us at info@forceforchange.NET and find out we can save you time and money making our expertise available to you to help you move abroad.





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